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Boarding At Cranbrook School

We interviewed Mr Crews (The head of Boarding) about boarding at Cranbrook School. We asked him many questions to do with boarding and came out with very interesting answers.

The first question we asked him was how well people get on with the other people in their dorms. He said that they get on very well and that there aren’t many arguments over them. There are a large range of dorms, ranging from single rooms to a room that can cater 10 people. Students like large dorms because it improves their social life and they can have lots of fun.

We asked him how he manages bedtimes. He told us that Year 9’s usually go to bed at 21:30 and sixth form- 23:00. On the weekends students usually prefer to go home however if they do stay then they go to bed on different times depending on their behaviour. If the students don’t go home, they are not allowed to come back to the houses late; they have to find a place to stay, whether that’s home or a friend’s house.

Electronics are allowed however they can be taken away at bedtime. The plugs are tested to make sure that they are safe and students are allowed one extension cable per room. In the evening pupils play card games and/or watch TV.

A room in Scott Boarding House

On Friday nights, under aged aren’t allowed to drink alcohol, but occasionally sixth form over the age of 18 will be allowed to go to the pub.

We asked about timings for the morning, and everyone has to be awake by 8. Pupils may wish to get up early to work or wash. The bonus of living on the school sight is the time of waking, compared to students getting the bus; boarders get a huge lie in.

Prep is obviously something that can take up a lot of time after school. Monday – Thursday is 2 hours and Friday is 1 hour. If they finish their prep before the time ends, they can read or tidy their room to occupy themselves. The prep is usually 19:00 -21:00.They usually watch films on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Boarding houses do lots of activities. They do the park run, school sports and visit the cinemas and restaurants. Sometimes, they go to theme parks. When they go out they have freedom, the teachers will know how much trust to give to each student. They arrange to meet at certain times but overall they can do what they wish.

The students in boarding houses act like a family. Year groups blend together and social skills improve. Being in a boarding house gives you a fantastic opportunity; you can play sport with friends, gain independence, develop socially and prepare for university and your adult life.

Houses are divided into personal interest. If you like something, people in your house are likely to enjoy the same thing. If you have siblings you can choose to be in the same house or not. If there is a popular person, people will want to be in the same house, which is the way it works for day houses too.

We got a few quotes from sixth form boarders:

Olaolu Dada (the new head boy of boarding) said that boarding is ‘convenient’, ‘exciting’ and that he ‘would prefer to be in boarding than at home’ because his ‘home is boring’.

According to many other boarders, you get ‘good trips’, ‘good food’ and ‘improve social skills and gain independence’.   Archie Marshal and Toby Carter both commented on how boarding ‘a second home’ is and that ‘great bonds form a family with the people you live with’.

People enjoy boarding very much!


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