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Cranbrook School Scholarships for 2022 Entry

Cranbrook School will be offering nine Academic Scholarships, as agreed and funded by the School’s Trustees.

Students will have the opportunity to register for Scholarship Exams once they are on roll at Cranbrook School.

Students who successfully gain a place at Cranbrook School at 13+ are encouraged to put themselves forward for the Subject Scholarship Programme if they exhibit a real passion and skill in a subject.  In addition to recognition, successful students will take part in academic enrichment through the Scholarship Programme.  Students are informed of the Application process in the opening week of their first term at Cranbrook, with examinations taking place at the latter end of the first half term.  Preparation may, of course, take place in advance of joining the School.  Recognising the prestige of the Scholarships, feeder Schools are informed of students’ successes.

There are no Scholarships for those applying for Year 7 entry.

Scholarships will be awarded in the following categories:

3 x Entrance Scholarships

Criteria will be based on exceptional performance in the 13+ Entrance Examination, in addition to one Scholarship Paper (as detailed below).

6 x Academic Scholarships

Criteria will be based on high performance in the 13+ Entrance Examination and exceptional performance in one of the following Scholarship Papers: Mathematics, English, Science, French or Spanish, Geography or History and Latin.

Scholarship students will receive a small financial reward.

Cranbrook School will be offering two Music Scholarships, as agreed and funded by the School’s Trustees.

2 x Music Scholarships

The Music Scholarships cover the cost of a year’s lessons in the appropriate instrument/voice.  Candidates will be expected to have achieved at least the standard of a Grade V.

Successful candidates are required to make a significant contribution to the school’s extra-curricular music programme throughout their time at Cranbrook School.

The School’s decision is final.  No appeal is available.


Please contact the Registrar if you require any further information about the scheme.

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