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Year 8 student wins International Poetry, Art, Speech and Song Competition

You may remember hearing a beautiful song written by Elise Neal that we shared some months ago; that same song has won the Never Such Innocence International Poetry, Art, Speech and Song Competition, beating hundreds and hundreds of other entries in her age catagory from across the globe!

On hearing about her achievement, Elise said: “….Oh wow! It feels fantastic to get that news, I feel really good considering how many entries there were. I didn’t imagine for a second that I would win anything. I was just happy to enter! …..It was a good theme – a big topic (!) – it made me think about how other children felt around the world and what their experiences of conflict might be and how they might differ from mine…..when I am writing the tune and the lyrics for a song, it makes me feel free and is a distraction from everything else going on in the world…it is like reading a book…you get lost in it. I think about expressing my thoughts which are then recorded on paper and then they are there forever…you wouldn’t even need to speak the same language, you could just listen to the music and get a feeling of your own….music: playing piano, singing and writing songs makes me confident…..

Elise is featured in an annual book of winners here for her outstanding piece (which you can listen to below, along with a copy of her lyrics).

This is an incredible feat. Elise has expressed such eloquence and integrity in her words that it is not hard to see why she received first place. Huge congratulations, Elise!

To find out more about the Never Such Innocence competition, please click here to visit their website.



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