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Why it’s important to achieve your goals in life

By Edward, Leah and Theo.

We researched the importance of charity work and how to stay motivated

It’s important to reach your goals in life because they give you something to work towards and something to give you motivation.

Mo Farah achieving one of his lifetime goals

Some people argue that your goals motivate you and make you happy and it can also be part of your identity. But many people believe that nobody in life should be pushed to achieve their goals, and that it should be as easy as possible.

Although people often say about how it’s important to reach your goals sometimes it can help you if you fall short of your goals and need to keep reaching and trying as it can be an eye-opener. Famous celebrities and sportsmen and women set high goals but are not scared of failure as it helps them learn from their mistakes. It can also help to not just achieve goals but set them. Setting goals helps people nurture themselves and figure out what they want to be able to reach and what their limits are. Often people associate 6 things to How to achieve their writing them down, after that setting a deadline of when they should be achieved. Then the next is that you have to visualise your goals, then take action, make them happen. Finally, develop your self-discipline and reflect over how the experience has been and how you feel after finally completing them. These steps can obviously be tweaked and made more manageable but don’t be afraid to fall a little short as it’s easy to pick yourself back up eventually. Your achievements define you and others. Another great achievement is to help others; a great way to do this is charity work, like raising money for charities. Donating and helping out where you can benefit others’ lives unimaginably. It is also good to donate to charity as you are giving back to the world that has given so much to you. Although people often think the best way to help a charity is to donate lots of money that may not always be the case as doing voluntary work can also be a very good way to help. Voluntary work is things like going to help at a school in a less developed country or serving food in an old people’s home. All of these actions can be small but the outcome of these can become incredibly life-changing or others around you. Charity work can become an extremely rewarding experience, it allows you to meet new people and broaden horizons.

Interview with Anneke Turner

Today we interviewed Anneke Turner about her recent cycling challenge from Cranbrook to The Eiffel Tower in Paris for Charity.

Anneke Turner decided to complete the challenge after her friend’s father was diagnosed with MND (Motor Neurone Disease) which is a disease that means over time you will start to get some effects on how you walk, talk, eat, drink and breathe so the Cycle ride was to raise money for it.

Overall they raised £16,000 and there were 13 people cycling and 12 people supporting. We asked Anneke Turner about how she stayed motivated during the trip and she replied that she simply just wanted to help her friend’s father and that’s what kept her going but the hardest part of the trip was trying to stay hydrated and arranging with the support crew to meet up and top up with water.

Overall every cyclist that took part in the cycle lost up to 10,000 calories so it was important to keep regularly snacking to keep up their energy levels and keep them going. In total the trip was 247 miles long over various terrains and was 22 hours on the saddle.

Anneke also told us about the highlights of the trip which included seeing: Numerous beautiful French castles and cathedrals, the arc de triumph and the sadness of cycling through the battle fields of the Somme. She also gave us some leaflets which told us about some of the main ways to help raise money for charity, these include using social media to get your message out to a lot of people and a wide audience and also trying some smaller activities like taking cakes to work or hosting a dinner part for a small sum of money.

Anneke also mentioned that the cycle ride wasn’t too problematic and Anneke told us that it was a nice event to do with her friends. Anneke has also done many other things for charity including Cycling to Rotterdam and going to the Everest base camp. She also told us about her sponsors and that she was very lucky because the sponsors paid for them to stay in some very nice hotels throughout the trip. In conclusion the interview was very interesting and we learnt a lot about the importance of raising money for charity and how to approach it.

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