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What does Cranbrook Mean to you?

We asked staff and students what Cranbrook means to them

If someone asked you what does Cranbrook School mean to you, what would you reply? We asked staff and students what their personal feelings were about Cranbrook School. There were a lot of mixed answers. Many people told us that it was a community and especially in the boarding houses it felt like a second family.

Also Mr Knight told us that he was very connected to the boarding houses. Most people we asked said that Cranbrook was like a community and that for staff it was a way of life. Some younger students told us that Cranbrook didn’t mean much to them at the moment because they hadn’t been here long.  However, they did say that they enjoyed being educated here and that Cranbrook made sure it offered lots of opportunities, especially extra-curricular to enrich their learning. For some people this answering what Cranbrook school meant to them was a very difficult question to answer because there are so many possibilities.

Lastly, we asked the sixth form the same question and the answers were:

  • Friendship
  • Community
  • Family
  • Having your own opinion
  • Good food.

It feels like the students and staff speak very fondly of the school and that it feels like ‘a second home’ and ‘another family. We as a group personally think that Cranbrook School is a very friendly community and we are looking forward to one day being Old Cranbrookians ourselves!


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Sports Day was highly competitive and so much fun for all involved. Events included track, field, fun relays and our favourite event Tug of War. Great way to finish the term! 😃 Photos courtesy of Ali Kittermaster. Gallery will be available from Monday.


Cranbrook 1st beat the OC’s in their last match of the season by 4 runs. What a brilliant game, clearly enjoyed by all. Good luck to the OC’s in your next few games. Well done and thank you to all our Year 13 Leavers, particularly Cam, Piers and The Laver lads. 🏏💪🏆

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