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The Royal Visit for the Fifth Centenary

Headmaster of Cranbrook School; Dr Weeds tells us how he feels about the Royal visit and the celebration of the school’s 500 years

On Tuesday 12th June 2018 the school received an honouring and exciting visit from the royal highness herself, Princess Anne. In Headmaster, Dr Weed’s, words himself he describes it as an ‘absolute honour’ and an ‘amazing privilege, one which couldn’t not be copied or replicated in the future’. Prior to the Princess’ visit Dr Weeds admits to our reporters that he felt very nervous and excited and didn’t quite know what to expect. However Dr Weeds tells our reporters that Princess Anne put him at ease right away and was as genuine, lovely, down to earth person who was a pleasure to welcome to Cranbrook School. Dr Weeds even shares that the Princess had a ‘great sense of humour’ and when rather concerned about her umbrella breaking, he told her he had plenty more and she laughed and put him at ease. The reporters also tell us that Dr Weeds was not only honoured with her presence, but with the way it brought the whole school, governors and villagers together and how she was so closely interacting with all the students themselves. There was ‘nothing quite like it’.

During our recent interview, one of the questions that came up was; how do you feel about being the headmaster on the 5th centenary of Cranbrook School? Dr Weeds replied “I feel very lucky it happened on my watch and am very proud to be here at this time.”  He also said it was an honour to be around during this celebration as it is a very special time and there really aren’t many other schools out there who can claim to be celebrating their 500th anniversary.

This truly is a very special time to be at this school as you probably won’t celebrate something like this for a long time. This year has been full of exciting occasions and the 500th year truly is a great achievement and as Dr Weeds said before is extremely proud.

Doctor weeds was then asked the question ‘how do you feel about the school turning five hundred years old?’ he replied by saying that it was an ‘incredible achievement’.

He then began to elaborate on this thought and said,’ that there was so few schools out there that had achieved this and had stayed on the same solid site all the way through’. Dr Weeds had helped organise a week of festivals filled with ‘education events’ and ‘amazing experiences’ to celebrate. During the interview he made an interesting comment about the fact that he had been 1thinking back to the past and that it was interesting to think of the history of the school and country through this time period’.

Dr Weeds tells ‘this was only one of the first incredible events to celebrate the 500 years and that there were many more to come falling into the winter months of next academic year’. Overall he feels very honoured and proud of the school’s achievement and royal visit. As Dr Weeds so eloquently put it ‘it’s always useful to have friends in high places, you never know when they might be useful’!

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