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The life of a Year 7

Written by Isabella, Polly, Nathan and Darius

We interviewed Year 7 to see how they enjoyed their first year at Cranbrook School

This is an article on the first Year 7s in over 40 years. Being reintroduced has been an experience for both teachers and pupils. We asked our friends in year 7 what their expectations were before they came to Cranbrook. When we were looking through their answers, our eyes were drawn to one word: different; Cranbrook School is different in many ways. The opportunities that are dished out every day remind us just how lucky we are. As Year 7s we were given the opportunity to start secondary school here at Cranbrook. Year 7 so far has been a journey full of challenges and exciting activities.  One challenge was knowing whether or not to integrate with the older years. Thankfully, they were very welcoming and accepted us as part of the school by including us in sporting events and drama productions which we enjoyed very much.  Some other things that we have enjoyed throughout the year include involvement in sport and activities etc. Students really appreciate the variety of languages and lessons provided in the curriculum. A popular lesson choice has been Food Tech, not only because of the practicals, but also because the students love learning the key information about food. Unlike most schools, we have Latin, Computer Science and Food Tech.

The penultimate question we asked our interviewees was: When I say the word school, what word comes to mind? People have said that Cranbrook is enjoyable, a friendly and positive learning environment and it ensures that the pupils have a hard-working ethos.

Finally, some advice for the next round of year 7s…

Get involved!  This is a way of making new friends and broadening your knowledge. Work hard; if you work hard then the work will become easier and you will find school life more enjoyable.

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