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Shocking exclusive: are healthy snacks good for us?

We went into town and saw how much sugar was actually being placed in our so-called health products

When you walk into a shop, what do you look for? Healthy snacks? Well, we were challenged to answer this question: What are healthy snacks? At first we thought of products like fruit, veg, smoothies, Belvita and snack bars. We were wrong. It turns out that a packaged fruit salad has 15g of sugar in it (nearly 4 sugar cubes) that is equal to having 3 jammy dodgers.

The next mistake we made, was assuming that snack bars like Nature Valley and Nākd bars were also a mildly healthy snacks. Nature Valleys are 13% sugar, that’s 3 sugar cubes and a quarter. After we made these discoveries, we started to look more at everyday foods, such as breakfast meals. Some much loved cereals like Frosties: 37g, 9.25 sugar cubes. Coco Pops: 39g, 9.75 sugar cubes. Porridge with golden syrup: 21.5g, 5.375 sugar cubes.

Out of all the cereals we looked at, porridge on its own is the healthiest, with 1g of sugar.

Some other products like Baby Bells and marshmallows don’t tell you how much sugar or fat is in the item.

It is a legal requirement to list the ingredients on the packaging, but not to list the quantities. The healthiest product we found in the shops that we went to was almond milk with a total of 0g of sugar.

Finally, we took a quick look at sugary foods to see how much sugar is in them compared to healthy products. We were shocked to find that in Nerds, per 100g, there are 93.3g of sugar in them which turns out to be 23.325 sugar cubes. Also, in Toxic Waste sweets there are 64.6g of sugar which is the same as 16.15 sugar cubes.

We looked at the difference in sugar levels between Oreos and Oreo thins. It turns out that Oreo thins have more sugar in them than the normal ones. Oreos are 5% sugar but the Oreo thins are 11% sugar which is surprising since they are much smaller.

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