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School notices:

Department for Education Guidance on Coronavirus – Advice for all early years providers, schools and further education providers

We are continuing to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

Department for Education Coronavirus helpline

Today, we have launched a new helpline to answer questions about COVID-19 related to education. Staff, parents and young people can contact the helpline as follows:

Phone: 0800 046 8687
Email: DfE.coronavirushelpline@education.gov.uk
Opening hours: 8am to 6pm (Monday to Friday)

  • No school should close in response to a suspected (or confirmed) COVID-19 case unless directed to do so by Public Health England.

The importance of hygiene

Personal hygiene is the most important way we can tackle COVID-19. Please help us in sharing simple and effective hand hygiene messages.

Public Health England has a dedicated webpage with a range of posters and digital materials at:


Sign up is quick, free and means you will be alerted as more resources are made available.

New guidance for employers

The Department for Business (BEIS) and Public Health England have issued guidance for employers, which you can find at:


Where to find the latest information

Updates on COVID-19:

Guidance for educational settings:

Travel advice for those travelling and living overseas:


Essential gas works

Please be aware that SGN are carrying out essential gas maintenance work in Cranbrook throughout April and May, affecting local traffic. For more information, please click here to read the letter from SGN.


Collecting students at the end of the school day

Please can we kindly remind parents not to arrive early for school pick-up. The In/Out and the road at the front of school regularly becomes very congested. Please drive in, pick up your child and then move off again. Alternatively, you may wish to pick up your child from an agreed location in town. Many thanks for your cooperation in keeping the traffic flowing.


Severe weather

As the wintry weather begins to kick in, please read this information letter which outlines the process should conditions become unsafe.


Year 11 intervention and further support sessions

Thank you to all parents and students who attended last night’s parents’ evening. All available support sessions are that Year 11 students may attend are listed here. As we move towards exams, it is important that the students take advantage of these opportunities as a support to their efforts and focus in the classroom. We also remind you that children should continue to partake in out of classroom enrichment, clubs and societies.


Cranbrook Carers Group

This will be held in the Lower School Hub, Barham Drive (formally the old Sixth Form centre) from 7:00pm to 8:30pm on the following dates: 27th January, 24th February, 30th March, 27th April, 18th May and 29th June. This group is for anyone who is concerned for or caring for a young person with depression, anxiety, an eating disorder, self-harming, or any other mental health condition. The group will be facilitated by Kelli Swain-Kowper. Kelli is a BACP registered psychotherapist, with over 25 years experience in child and young people’s mental health.  She has worked both in hospitals and many schools, she is co-author of a handbook for counselling children and youth people, a trainer for Place2Be to name but a few and has had her own private practice in London and now in Tunbridge Wells. It is hoped that Kelli will come each month to the group and facilitate the discussions and offer her expertise so that the group can be guided and feel supported in their thinking. The vision for the group is that everyone will leave the evening with something positive to think about and work with, in your capacity of trying to support your loved one in their struggles with their mental health. The sessions are free and complimentary refreshments will be available. Please contact Michelle West for further details: cranbrookcarersgroup@gmail.com


CSPA Neuro Ninja Hero Wellbeing Workshop

Cranbrook School Parents Association is excited to invite you to a series of eight innovative seminars about our amazing brains for parents, carers and students.  As you know we’re always looking to support the work of Cranbrook School’s wonderful parent and student community.  Session three takes place on Thursday 27th February 2020 from 7:00pm to 8:00pm in the Queen’s Hall Theatre.  Andrew Wright, from local innovative company, and ex-deputy Principal at Uckfield College will take you on a tour through your amazing brains.

Andrew says; ‘In the last 10 years we’ve learnt more about the brain than we have in the last 10,000.  This knowledge is new to parents and teachers alike. The science is absolutely fascinating. And it transforms what we do. Once you’ve understood how the brain works it’s impossible to return to the naive state. As a result you’ll never look at yourself or your children the same way again.’

In this first launch seminar we’re focused on giving you an overview and the course.  It will include lots of strategies to get started on straight away in terms of supporting our brains to be the best they can be.  Here’s what other parents, carers and students have said about this course:

It is amazing.  I learnt so much.‘ Year 7 parent, Seaford Head School

‘Andrew makes the complexities of the brain so easy to understand.  I could, and did, listen for hours.  Brilliant and life-changing.‘ Year 9 parent, Heathfield Community College

I was anxious before-hand, I have suffered anxiety for year.  The neuroscience explanation for anxiety and then what we need to do to respond to these difficult feelings was so clear and powerful it is already helping me respond differently.  Highly recommend the whole Neuro-Ninja Course.‘  Year 8 parent, Hailsham Community College

Parents, carers and students are encouraged to attend together these are great family learning experiences.  We take a quick tour through the Neuro-Ninja Tool-Kit course which is coming to Cranbrook in the New Year, dates to be confirmed soon.  The cost of this launch seminar is £5.  We want to reach out to as many families as possible so if you are facing some financial hardship do approach our Chair, Henrietta King, for concessions and support with attending.

To sign up click on the link, (or email actionyourpotential@gmail.com) Action Your Potential will only use your data to send you the slides after each seminar and send you updates about up, coming seminars. It is a very exciting time to be alive, our Neuro-Ninja Tool-Kit course for parents, carers and students is all about helping all of us to live inside our brains with the cognitive and emotional agility to build the best version of ourselves every day.

Further information is available here:

Neuro Science Revolution Leaflet 2020

The Neuro-Ninja Tool Kit Updates

Cranbrook Neuro Ninja ToolKit Posters

Neuro Ninja Hero workshop for parents and carers at Cranbrook School

Neuro Ninja Session 2 presentation: 28th January 2020

Neuro Ninja Session 3 presentation: 27th February 2020


External Sports Camps

Preseason Camp 2020 Netball and Lacrosse – 13th to 15th July 2020

Netball Camp – 7th April 2020

Lacrosse Camp – 21st March 2020


After school squash coaching

SRC Coaching

Squash coaching at Cranbrook School starts on Monday 13th January, two sessions 3:45pm and 4:30pm. Only 8 spaces are available per session for Years 9-11 boys and girls, each Monday for five weeks. Five sessions are £25. For more information, please contact Tom at Sports Route Coaching on 07921 705279, email tom@sportsroutecoaching.com or visit the website: www.sportsroutecoaching.com


Biddenden to Cranbrook minibus service

Minibus to Cranbrook for Biddenden / Cranbrook Road

With enough Cranbrook School students living close to one another in Biddenden and along Cranbrook Road, the Tenterden Social Hub has agreed to run a minibus service to Cranbrook School. This term, the service will only be offered in the morning to school, picking students up door to door, arriving at school for 8:15am. The cost will be £11 per week, per student. There are currently 10 spaces available. If the scheme is successful, a return journey can be offered at 3:45pm for an additional £11 in 2020. For more information, please click the above link or email hub@tsh.org.uk


Information Evening presentations

The year group information evening presentations are available to download from the Notices tabs above.


Student drop off/collection

Please note, the In/Out collection zone and Barham Drive will be closed between 3:15pm and 3:45pm to allow the buses and students on foot to safely exit the site.


The Rovenden Rocket

From September 2019, the Rolvenden Rocket will be operating a school bus service from Rolvenden to Cranbrook School stopping at Benenden en route. There is currently no private bus service from Rolvenden to Cranbrook School or a public bus operating at suitable times. The Rolvenden Rocket aims to be the solution to transport worries for parents who have children attending Cranbrook School. There are 15 available seats. The allocation will be on a first come first serve basis and the price will be competitive with the Young Persons bus pass offered by KCC. Please contact Lee by emailing leeanfro@gmail.com to book your seat or ask a question regarding the service.

Monday to Friday, pick-up outside The Bull at 7:50am, Benenden Village Hall at 7:55am and drop-off to Cranbrook School for 8:10am.



Please take a look at the document in the downloads section from the Department of Education that offers parents advice when dealing with social media, and the issues facing today’s young people around cyberbullying.


Positive Mental Health and resilience

As part of our continued focus on mental health, students have had a series of assemblies on promoting resilience and positive mental health. Included in the downloads is one of these assemblies and a guide for parents, both of which we hope will provide you with advice on how to support your child’s mental health and give an insight into some of the work we are doing in school.

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Huge congratulations to Freddie Todd and Sos Stevens, who both achieved a silver award in the Chemistry Olympiad. Both students completed this at the end of January – a very difficult challenge that only the most competent chemistry students in the country attempt.

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