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Magical Moments from Nepal #1

By Freya Holden

I cannot begin to describe how amazing and exciting the month long expedition was to Nepal. Of course it was not all smooth running, but I came out the other side feeling better and more confident about myself. The whole trip was packed with exciting activities that meant the whole time flew by and when I was asked to choose my ‘magic moment’ from the trip, it was so difficult to choose just one.

I finally decided on my first experience of Kathmandu – the capital city of Nepal. Upon arriving at the tiny Nepalese airport, we were taken on minibuses through the bustling city. We had just had a 12 hour journey but no one in the group was tired and every one of us looked at the city that was unfolding before us. Later, when we were able to explore the city on foot, we could take in the full vibe of where we were.

Every one of our senses was hit with new sensations that were so foreign and strange compared to the clean streets and ordered traffic of our own capital city. We wandered through the muddy streets and the smell of incense burnt down every alleyway, raw chicken was left out in the heat and lazy flies were waved away by smiling locals with toothless gums. There was the constant sound of car horns and motorcyclists shouting at the pedestrians as they weaved in and out of cars, people, rubble piles, dogs and even cows that casually strolled down the crowded street as though it were the most natural thing in the world. One of the more pleasant things were the sparkling and vibrantly coloured pashminas and cashmere blankets and clothes that could be bought almost everywhere and brightened up the dirty streets and provided a cover for the poverty and dilapidated houses that made up the city. It was such a new and exciting experience and I loved every moment I spent there and I now have so many happy memories and interesting stories to pass on to inquiring relatives at the next family reunion.


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