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Internet Safety with Mr Potter

On the 27th of June, 2018, our four reporters headed up to the IT office to interview Mr Potter about internet safety and its drastic impact on the world.

Mr Potter educated our reporters about his own personal experiences and how the internet has developed through his own eyes. Mr Potter made it clear that the internet was such an incredible but harmful thing and it is completely essential that we have safe guards and laws to protect us from online ‘predators’ so to speak. One of our reporters really pressed to find out what really would help prevent dangers online and how best to protect people from them. The key points that Mr Potter emphasised were ‘education’, ’parenting’ and ‘online awareness’. More and more people need to be educated about how to stay safe and the dangers so they can prevent and protect themselves and achieve the other key point – ‘online awareness’.

Better parenting will protect children and help keep them safer. Parenting will also help stop children under age applying to use social media because there is no legal limit it is only one of the company meaning that there is no real enforcement.

The team pressed Mr Potter to explain how to personally stay safe online this is what he said in his own words: ‘Keep educated, be mindful that people might not be who they say they are and always make sure your machine is up to date’ He made a particular point in emphasizing to stay safe online no matter what you are doing, he believes that many young people are getting affected by social media and being online.

Our reporters asked many challenging questions which made our subject delve deep into his explanations. He expressed his feelings about the protection of young children when online, he explained in detail about the fact that the world was filled with all sorts of horrible people who used fake identities to cause harm to others. He believes that parents should be more restrictive about what children do online. Throughout the interview our team noticed that he mentioned social media sites such as Facebook, snapchat, twitter and Instagram; he pushed with his point about staying safe by explaining that increased safeguard knowledge

Giving information throughout a person’s life would allow for the younger generations to be taught about the dangers in more depth, allowing them to stay happier online.

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