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How food waste can be incorporated into our daily meals

Written and edited by Nathan, Darius, Polly and Isabella

Mrs Payne made delicious scones and soup using food that would normally be thrown away

This is an article on food waste and how it can be avoided. As a group, we watched Mrs Payne make soup and scones using ingredients found from the ‘bottom of the fridge’. This food would normally be thrown away or put in the compost because of its appearance. Research has shown that in the UK, 7 million tonnes of food is thrown away by consumer households each year. Out of the 7 million tonnes thrown away 4.2 million tonnes is edible. The 7 million tones that are thrown away are equal to 20% of what is bought. The food that is wasted is about as much as £1000 per household.

The three most wasted types of food are fresh vegetables and also packaged vegetables, bread and other pastry/bakery items and milk, dairy and eggs. The buy one get one free offer is one of a few main causes of food waste; the reason for this is because it encourages people to buy extra food when they probably don’t need or won’t use it.

Some things that influence or cause food waste are that half used cans are thrown away, children are told not to eat something if it has gone past its sell-by date. When meat changes from red to brown, people think that it is not fresh and therefore not safe (you cannot put it in a salad once it is heated to a certain temperature.) Also, cracked eggs are thrown away when they could easily be used.

Mrs Payne taught us that food can be used in meals that include bottom of the fridge ingredients. It will feed you and let you know that you haven’t wasted any food.

And what was her secret recipe to amazing olive scones, you ask?  The answer… soured milk.  So think twice the next time you’re about to chuck that whiffy milk down the sink!

Please see the recipes and advice below:

Bottom of the fridge soup

Soup kitchen (food waste) – hand out



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