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How can you help save the environment?

We researched how we can help save the environment in our every day lives.

In this article we researched  different ways to help save the environment and reduce  pollution, to create a better world for us to live in.

Our first tip is to think carefully about how you use water as things like leaving the tap on whilst you brush your teeth can leave to a lot of wasted water.  You can also do things like collecting rain water to water plants instead of needing to get water from a tap.

Another tip is to walk or ride a bike to somewhere if it is nearby instead of creating pollution by driving, this can also help to save money as you wont need to buy as much petrol. You can also use public transport as a the standard bus can fit about 50 people on but a car only five so it will be saving energy as you will be using less energy per person.

You can recycle and reuse things like paper and plastic so that it wont end up polluting beaches and oceans and so that your recycled items can be used to create something new.

To help save the environment you can turn off things like lights when they are not needed, heating and plug sockets when you are not using them.

You could also plant flowers to attract birds and insects, put out bird baths and feeders to feed birds in the colder seasons to help them to survive.

To help decrease pollution we can plant more trees and greenery as plants take in carbon dioxide which is polluting our planet. The trees will take in the carbon dioxide and produce more oxygen creating healthier air to breathe in.

Contributing to our environment can make a better world for us and our future generations to live in.

Top 10 tips for helping the environment:

  1. Think about how you use water.
  2. Plant trees
  3. Walk or ride your bike to work, school and anywhere you can.
  4. Recycle.
  5. Eat rainforest friendly food.
  6. Turn off lights.
  7. Order more of your food online
  8. Help bees. Don’t mow the lawn
  9. Drive smarter/use more public transport . Slow down .It saves gas.
  10. Eat less meat.




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