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Erin Bloomer’s music career gets an exciting boost

The lockdown hasn’t deterred up-and-coming artist Erin Bloomer from achieving some monumental milestones in her music career.

Erin was chosen by Virgin Records to sing the vocals on a new remix of SAD, by top producers Imanbek and Rossiter, which dropped at the end of May. Not only that, but she is now featured on dozens of Spotify and Apple iTunes playlists with her summer bop (you can listen here: http://sptfy.com/tunez ) – it was great experience for her and an absolute honour to be asked.

She has also signed a short contract with BBC Radio 1 and has produced some of the ‘Power Intros’ that you hear, when they sing ‘BBC Radio 1’ before a new song comes on, so next time you’re listening, that might be Erin that you can hear.

Her single Second Best has topped 300K streams (2.25M in total over 4 tracks) and is in the Top 20 on 2 radio stations in Canada and USA, with a surprising number of listeners in Sweden, the Netherlands and Japan. And to top it off, she is creating lots of online content for social media, including a virtual magazine; the first edition is due out soon so watch this space.

Channelling creativity is absolutely essential during this lockdown, and Erin has showed that she will not let the current chaotic circumstances discourage her from powering onto an even more successful music career. We look forward to sharing even more news in the future.

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