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Cranbrook School Sports Day – from the organiser’s point of view

Today our team interviewed Mrs Coleman about Sports Day. We asked her a few questions about how she helped to run it. Overall, she was very organised during the day as she has been running this event for approximately 12 years. Mrs Coleman also said that it wasn’t very stressful running it because she had a great team of colleagues ready to help her along the way.

Throughout sports day, she said that Allan showed the best team spirit, and Mr McConachie had to agree. “the amount of team spirit showed by Allan boys during the tug of war was amazing, they all worked really well together.” However, this is not to say that the other houses did not offer great team support to their houses, as many houses screamed themselves hoarse as their team mates crossed the finish line. Mr McConachie said Mrs Coleman said that if she were to compete in an event she would compete in the 4x100m relay because it is a team event. Her favourite field event to watch is the high jump, and her favourite field event was definitely the 100m sprint.

Mr McConachie disagreed. For him the highlight of the day was the 800m, the same event he used to take part in at school.

To sum up, both teachers thought that the day was a great event and an afternoon to enjoy for the whole school.

The events that took place on Sports Day were: 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m, 4x100m, 4x400m, long jump, high jump, shotput, javelin and tug of war. All houses enjoyed taking part in these events.

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A beautiful day to welcome students to St. Dunstan's Church for KS3 Speech Day.📚🏆🌞 #cranbrookschool #cranbrook #stateboarding


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