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Chemistry News

In February two Y12 students Rhys Ho and Tarabella Middleton spent a Saturday morning taking part in the remote ‘Cambridge Chemistry Race’.  This was a series of progressively challenging questions, aimed at the best 6th form chemists in the country, and our team of two came 28th out of 50, very impressive when you consider they were competing against teams of up to 5 Y13’s.  We are hoping for a podium finish next year!

RSC Chemistry Olympiad Four students took part in the Chemistry Olympiad this term, a very challenging written paper of contextual and stretching Chemistry problems.  Rhys Ho and Joey Leckie were awarded Silver Medals and Janice Wong and Euan Roberts were awarded Gold medals, placing them in the top 5% of a very select cohort of students in the country.  Superb!

Year 10 students have also been extremely busy and  enjoyed getting back into the labs this term and catching up with many of the missed practicals.  They have studied the pH scale, displacement reactions and made crystals of copper sulfate. During lockdown Year 10 students were challenged to make models of of alkanes, with the lure of a chocolatey prize.  Some creative entries were seen, involving models made from plasticine, cake, fruit, golfballs and even socks.  The winners are… Sam Borowski, Oliver Doubell, Evie Shimmin, Sam Rummery, Reni Aigbogun, Archie Bunch, Sophie Lock and Isobel King.

Well done to all!

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Senior Speech Day today. Congratulations to all of our prize winners. Thank you to all of our amazing musicians - such great performances! And we wish our Year 13’s good luck for their next chapter. A memorable and heart warming day.


A beautiful day to welcome students to St. Dunstan's Church for KS3 Speech Day.📚🏆🌞 #cranbrookschool #cranbrook #stateboarding


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