A unique state boarding grammar school for girls and boys in the Kent countryside.

Cranbrook School

The Cranbrook Identity

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Our Mission

  • To provide an outstanding all-round education with academic fulfilment at its heart
  • To add value to our local community and provide exceptional boarding for those outside it
  • To develop curious, resilient and empathic young adults, who are confident to follow their own paths

Our Motto

Maiora tento praesentibus aequus

Equal to today, I reach for greater things

Our Values

  • Kindness
  • Integrity
  • Curiosity
  • Aspiration
  • Individuality

Our Intent

Cranbrook School intends to become the leading co-educational selective state boarding school in the UK. We intend to increase our day student roll over the next eight years to provide at least 200 more places for local children. We will then use the funding generated by that growth to develop greater financial resilience for the future. We will also use the funding it will generate to increase numbers of teaching staff. The result of this will be an expanded, more modern curriculum that will offer a greater range of academic pathways to our students, with a core strand of this in technology. This growth will also initiate an ambitious programme of fundraising to deliver an estates masterplan that would build a new Horsley block by 2025 and relocate the sporting heart of the school to Cornwallis Field by 2030. We intend to keep boarding at the heart of our operation by working relentlessly to keep it full and therefore of the highest quality to benefit boarders best. Meanwhile, we intend to improve the quality of our provision in other areas of the School by investing time and funds in staff training and wellbeing, and reviewing systems and staffing structures. This will impact teaching and learning, pastoral care, the co-curriculum and boarding. By focussing on the granular detail of school improvement in these areas, a wide variety of outcomes for the children in our care will improve. We intend to develop educational approaches to diversity, inclusion and mental health that will enable our leavers to make a difference to society in the C21st. We intend to make partnership and collaboration with local primary schools and Cranbrook town a central thread to ensure that we are benefitting them as much as possible. Underlying all this development is the intent to be true to our 1518 foundation, our history, the ethos and friendly feel of a ‘small’ school, and the traditional grammar and boarding strengths by which we have always defined ourselves.

Latest Tweets

Congratulations to Siena in Year 7, and her trio, for ranking top 10 best in Great Britain, top 5 best in England, and best in the South East and Kent at the British Gymnastics Championships


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