A unique state boarding grammar school for girls and boys in the Kent countryside.

Cranbrook School

House Structure

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Head of House Mr Maimi


Tutor room
Year 9 Mrs Zushinskaya/Mrs Newman ML4
Year 10 Mrs Richards ML2
Year 11 Mr Hills ML3
Year 12 Mrs Davies ML1
Year 13 Mrs Corney /Mr Whiffin CL1


Head of House Mr Knight


Tutor room
Year 9 Mrs Lamb/ Mrs Sutton MA1
Year 10 Mr Young Min MA3
Year 11 Miss Bisserier MA5
Year 12 Mr Diamond MA4
Year 12 Mrs Harris/ Mr Johnson MA2
Year 13 Mrs Fraser B2


Head of House Mrs Homewood Tutor room
Year 9 Mrs Deeble RE1
Year 10 Mrs Coleman P1
Year 11 Miss Mills P2
Year 12 Mr O’Brien GG3
Year 13 Mrs Homewood GG1


Head of House Mr McConnochie


Tutor room
Year 9 Mr Judd W3
Year 10 Ms Dalgleish W5
Year 11 Mr Hamilton W6
Year 12 Mrs Croot/Mrs Chivers IT1
Year 13 Mrs Forbes Gower/Mr Whiffin IT2


Head of House Mrs Rahtz Tutor room
7N Mr Warren R1
7S Mr Pew RB2
8N Mrs Warren R2
8S Mrs Eastwood R3




Head of House Mrs Pack


Tutor room
Year 9 Mrs Whiffin C1
Year 10 Mrs Lavigne C2
Year 11 Mrs Cullen B1
Year 12 Miss Scott ART1
Year 13 Mrs Pack HE3
Head of House Mr Turner  
Year 10 Mr Turner Cornwallis
Year 11 Mr Darby
Year 12 Mr Caro
Year 13 Mr Benford


Head of House Mr Watts


Tutor room
Year 10 Mr Watts Hub1
Year 11 Mr Bennett Hub2
Year 12 Mrs Harrison WS
Year 13 Mrs Hills MR


Head of House Mr Crews Tutor room
Year 10 Mr Crews EN1
Year 11 Miss Williams EN2
Year 12 Mr Kerr / Mr Noden EN3
Year 13 Mrs Hulland-Rumley EN4


Head of House Mrs Burnett Tutor room
Year 9 Mr Parr HI1
Year 10 Mrs Burnett HI2
Year 11 Mr Penny HI3
Year 12 Mrs Jennings HI4
Year 13 Mrs Rogers EN5


School Lodge
Head of House Mr Rogers


Tutor room
Year 9 Mr Rogers School Lodge
Year 9 Mr Collins Smith
Year 9 Mr Kenny


Latest Tweets

Congratulations to Siena in Year 7, and her trio, for ranking top 10 best in Great Britain, top 5 best in England, and best in the South East and Kent at the British Gymnastics Championships


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