A selective school for boys and girls aged 11 to 18. Day and Boarding

Cranbrook School - Respect Aspire Achieve
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Our mission, vision and values


Our mission

Our focus for the next few years can be summarised as follows:

  • To promote high academic achievement;
  • To provide pastoral care of the highest quality;
  • To build resilience in character.

It does so from a long-standing commitment to its grammar school and boarding traditions. Cranbrook strives to prepare its students to take their place in the world as learners and exemplary citizens. It does so by building resilience through a strong tradition of education for character.

Our vision

Cranbrook School is proud of its place at the heart of the local community. It seeks to meet the expectations of past, present and future members of the school. This is how it proposes to do this:

  • The present
    To ensure our current students maximise their potential, both in examination performance and in their all-round development. Our academic, pastoral and schoolwide enrichment programmes are the keys to our success.
  • The past
    To celebrate the achievements of former students and to support all former students by offering advice, keeping touch and welcoming back.
  • The future
    We are reaching out to a wider cross-section of the community than ever before and wish to make accessible to future generations all that we have to offer; from day students close to home, to boarders from further afield and abroad.


Our values

Key aspirations 2019-2022

  • To review and refine our curriculum at Key Stage 3, so that it stays enjoyable, enriching and purposeful;
  • To review and refine our co-curricular programme, so that it stays enjoyable, builds character and accessible to all;
  • To focus on Professional Development, so that the school is recognised for its contribution to education training within and outside the school;
  • To research and invest in the wellbeing of staff and students, so that time in school is rewarding and promotes resilience across the school;
  • To celebrate and nurture a diverse school community through social diversity and intake into the school.

Academy Development Plan priorities

For Governors:

  1. Pastoral Care and Wellbeing
    Attending to the needs of students and staff in light of a rapidly changing context to ensure a happy and resilient staff and student body.
  2. Inclusion and Diversity
    Addressing the changing nature of our school population in light of new demand patterns in boarding and the move to 11+ entry to sustain strong recruitment and retention of students at all levels, day and boarding.
  3. Partnerships
    Embedding the Lynx Learning Alliance to develop Cranbrook’s role as the leading local mixed grammar school, especially in training and development.

School Development Plan priorities

For Leadership and staff:

  1. Pastoral care and wellbeing
    – To implement Place2Be as the mainstay of student counselling and mental health support;
    -To embed improved staff workload measures.
  2. Professional development
    – To devise, launch and monitor a reformed CPD programme which sustains our focus on high quality teaching, learning and assessment.
  3. Curriculum review
    – To review and evaluate our curriculum, focusing especially on KS3 and the Sixth Form to form the basis of a business plan which builds on our exciting curriculum offer at GCSE and post-16 levels.
  4. Boarding programme (junior and senior)
    – To implement junior boarding (Years 7 and 8);
    – To review and overhaul our boarding enrichment programme to create a fun, fulfilling and structure post school-day experience.
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