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Welcome to the Art Department.

During Year 7, students will be taking three art lessons a fortnight, each 55 minutes long. Within these lessons, we will be covering areas relevant to the subject; techniques, skills and critical and creative thinking. Students will have the opportunity to create work using a wide variety of media and will develop their skills in painting, drawing, collage and printmaking. Lessons will be contextualised with links to historical and contemporary art, architecture and cultures.

In Year 9, students will have two art lessons over the two week timetable. They will be developing their skills in a range of practical art techniques and looking in further depth at history of art and the contemporary art world. They will be experimenting with various media, and will be encouraged to use independent thinking to analyse work by various artists.

In Years 10 and 11, students will have chosen Art as a GCSE option. There will be six lessons over the two week timetable. The students are set two projects as part of the syllabus, which form a coursework portfolio. This portfolio is worth 60% of the overall GCSE grade. Students are then given an external set project by the examination board, which makes up the exam aspect of the course, culminating in a 10 hour practical exam spread over two days.

As homework, students are expected to work on their projects for two hours outside the lesson every week. It is vitally important that students keep up with the coursework, as this will affect final marks. We also expect our students to seek out exhibitions of interest to their area of study, together with trips that the department arranges.

As part of the syllabus, students will be looking at artists, how they work, how their art has influenced others and what cultural effects these pieces may have had. They will also study various techniques that the artists have used, together with those the department can offer.

We encourage our students to make informed judgements about the art world and seek out areas that they find of particular interest. Students will be able to make critical and contextual analysis of the world of art and produce work that reflects their areas of inspiration.

A Level Art is offered for nine periods over a two week timetable. Students are expected to be self-motivated and focused at this stage of study. Students are set one project and devise one of their own choice, as part of their coursework. They then are given an externally set task as their examination, which culminates in a 15 hour exam spread over three days.

They will be studying in greater depth, artists and genres. They will experience the techniques that define these movements and experiment to understand how and in what way these techniques can be applied and utilized to the maximum of their capacity.Β  They are expected to visit exhibitions and take part in events that will help further their understanding of art. Students will be able to analyse, research, create and evaluate their work, all of which is a wonderful precursor should they decide to move on to university. The emphasis is on independent learning, as this makes an interesting, mature and confident artist and student.

Head of Art: Mr J Kenny, kennyj@cranbrook.kent.sch.uk

Teachers: Mrs K Devereux, Ms S Forbes-Gower

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