A unique state boarding grammar school for girls and boys in the Kent countryside.

Cranbrook School

Webster House

Webster House is named after the artist Thomas Webster, who was part of the 19th century Cranbrook Colony, living and painting in Cranbrook. The new, all-inclusive Webster House brings together what had previously been Webster Girls and Webster Boys, traditionally made up of girls and boys living in the Cranbrook and Sissinghurst areas.

The house seeks to promote a model in which students feel ownership of the House in its academic, social and sporting activities, supported by highly experienced and sympathetic staff through pastoral and academic guidance. The older students also mentor the younger members of the House leading to a very supportive ethos. Our House motto is “Be All You Can” and Webster members are encouraged to live up to this, both in school and in their lives outside the classroom.

All members take part in house sport events donning the house colours (green and yellow), something which has become rather competitive in the last few years as Webster has won the House Cup for a few years running now. The house also comes together for the Singing Competition (also known as the House Shout), in a valiant attempt to prove that, even if we are not the most talented singers, we are certainly the loudest!

Staff and positions of responsibility 2021-22

Head of House: Mr Roger Maimi

Year 9 Tutors: Mrs Oxana Zushinskaya and Mrs Christine Newman

Year 10 Tutor: Mrs Julia Richards

Year 11 Tutor: Mr Andy Hills

Year 12 Tutor: Mrs Delyth Davies

Year 13 Tutors: Mrs Evelyn Corney, Mr Jim Whiffin

House Captains: Imo Linton and Finn Clubb

Deputy House Captains: Tom Innes and Rebecca Steele

Joint Sports Captains – Boys: Max Wookey and Tom Gransbury

Joint Sports Captains – Girls: Orla Reid and Phoebe Jenkinson

Latest Tweets

Congratulations to Siena in Year 7, and her trio, for ranking top 10 best in Great Britain, top 5 best in England, and best in the South East and Kent at the British Gymnastics Championships


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