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Sellers House

Sellers House is home to all Year 7 and Year 8 students. We meet every day in Tutor Groups and have an assembly every week. In Sellers we believe in working hard, enjoying our learning and being kind to each other. We have lots of social events like Movie Night and Sellers House Disco and we raise money for our school charities. We celebrate our different interests and skills such as sports, music and drama.

Our House Motto is ‘sic itur as astra’ which means ‘thus one journeys to the stars’ because we are named in honour of Old Cranbrookian Piers Sellers who was an Astronaut who took the school’s charter into space. We know we are at the beginning of an exciting journey and the possibilities are limitless.

Mrs Rahtz is Head of Sellers House. Mr Pew, Mrs Chandler and Dr Warren are Year 7 Tutors. Mrs Warren and Ms Eastwood Year 8 Tutors. Students take it in turns to represent their Tutor Group as student councillors and four students represent Sellers House at the School Student Council. We are always coming up with ideas for how to make our time in school more enjoyable, and we are currently working to replant our Quad with flowers and vegetables to create a pleasant wellness garden.


Staff and positions of responsibility 2021-22

Head of House: Mrs Rose Rahtz

Year 7N Tutor: Mr Michael Warren / Mrs Julie Chandler

Year 7S Tutor: Mr Neil Pew

Year 8N Tutor: Mrs Ginny Warren

Year 8S Tutor: Mrs SJ Eastwood


Student Council Representatives 2021-22:

Honor Marlowe-Barham

Fraser Anderson

Sam Staton

Lyra Hinves

Latest Tweets

Congratulations to Siena in Year 7, and her trio, for ranking top 10 best in Great Britain, top 5 best in England, and best in the South East and Kent at the British Gymnastics Championships


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