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Lynx House

Lynx House is in its developmental stages. We started with the name, having been given a short list of possibilities to consider the students immediately pounced on Lynx. Its history comes from the very beginnings of the school with William Lynch carrying out the wishes of John Blubery from his will, and Simon Lynch later ensuring the continuation of schooling in Cranbrook. The Lynch family crest contained ‘three rampant lynxes’, these were later adopted by the school in the late 19th Century.

Congratulations go to house captains Olympia Anley and Harvey Thrower, and school prefects Willow Goldfinch, Darcey Walker, Tristan-Warburton Smith and Freddie Todd on their appointments. All of the sixth form team are involved in various roles going forward and have already been busy successfully welcoming new year 9 and year 12 students into the house. We already have our motto ‘Nosce te ipsum’ and Willow has designed the Lynx logo (shown above).

When researching lynx as a spirit animal students found it symbolises some of the following : ‘awareness, change, ability, confidence, intuition, instinct, comfort, foresight, loyalty, independence, passion, patience, tranquility, secrets, revealing secrets, trust, and understanding the unseen,’ which gives us plenty to contemplate in our first term together. We are all looking forward to making history.

The new year 9 cohort are settling into the House and we hold vertical group activities run by the sixth form team on a regular basis. We are also sharing subject experiences at sixth form level and some sixth form students are mentoring lower school students.

The sixth form team have been instrumental in shaping the present and future of the House – our first major social event being our Christmas dinner.

Staff and positions of responsibility 2019-20

Head of House: Miss Clare Mills

Year 9 Tutor: Mr Brian Judd

Year 10/11 Tutors: Mr Michael Warren, Dr Anne Donovan

Year 12 Tutor: Mrs Sharon Forbes Gower

Year 13 Tutor: Mrs Tara Dalgleish

Latest Tweets

We are very excited to share the news that Elise in Yr8 has won the International Poetry, Art, Speech & Song Competition. Her piece 'Innocent Blood' was chosen over hundreds in her age catagory from around the world:


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