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500 Years of Food Waste

We researched how 500 years ago they stopped food waste

Food has changed overtime, for example: If you walked into a kitchen in the 16th century you would find that there would be no waste because the chef would use every part that he or she could. Over the period of 500 years, food waste has drastically changed. 500 years ago there was a limited      amount of food that could be used for cooking. Though nowadays we make a lot waste that could feed many, many families. Food wastage went up when new food options were discovered and this led to people not wanting to use all of the leftovers as they didn’t have to because there was more food in general. The thought of eating a pigs head today would make some gag, and over the years

What is the solution for food waste?

  1. Technology: The smart minds in Silicon Valley and beyond see the food waste problem as a huge opportunity.
  2. Food Policy: a depressing amount of food waste is thrown away because at the retail level, large quantities of food are wasted due to quality standards that over emphasize appearance (up to ⅓ of total food waste
  3. UK households have thrown away 13bn pounds of food in 2015 which means that on an average the £470 pound worth of food. This meant that 500 years ago the overall food wastage amount was a lot less than it is now days because of the fact that we have many more food options which causes us to throw away things that we don’t want. Whereas 500 years ago there would be less options.

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