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Supporting Cranbrook

Cranbrook Together

Cranbrook Together is a way for everyone; parents, friends, Old Cranbrookians and grandparents to support and protect what makes Cranbrook School special to each and every student

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Government f​unding continues to support an excellent academic education at Cranbrook School, but for the last 500 years a Cranbrook education has been about much more than just that. Our extra curricular activities and sport have always been extraordinary for a state school, but with our full budget now directed to guarantee standards in academic teaching, the traditionally broad range of our clubs and activities is at risk. Whatever your child’s interest, whether disection or debating club, rowing, triathalon or rugby, CCF or composing their own music, if we are to protect your child’s Cranbrook experience and the extra curricular activities that make school special for them, we need your help.

Cranbrook Together offers you the scope to support our school at a level that suits your family and your child’s particular interests. We are appealing to our whole parent body to support each child’s education with a gift of £20 a month to maintain the school environment and the facilities that underpin all teaching and club activities. If you can, we would encourage you to consider a higher contribution of £40 or £60 a month and to direct your extra giving to an area of particular importance to your child – Sports & Active, Creative or Academic Enrichment.

There are so many opportunities that we would like to offer your children. Rugby playing boys are already benefitting from the input of the new Master of Rugby, Tom Hillier, and the visiting All Black coach, Hika Reid, which has been parent sponsored.

We would love to bring the same support to, for example, our talented musicians and singers, by having an in-house composer for a year to challenge and stretch those students and enrich school life for all.

With your help we can do this and more for all ​our children, ensuring every child has a passion which is supported and celebrated by the school community.

What will my money be spent on?

Monies raised through standard level giving (£20 a month) will be spent within the year. This money will allow the school to refurbish teaching areas and replace essential equipment (classroom décor and furniture, computers, whiteboards, laboratory and sporting equipment, etc.), meaning that these facility and amenity costs will not eat into the teaching budget.

Monies raised by higher level giving (above £20 a month) will be directed to the budget stream you select (Sports and Active, Creative, Academic Enrichment). It will be used solely within that area and will pay for the upgrade and enhancement of equipment and the time of specialist coaches/input (sports coaches, theatre lighting, costumes, external speakers, etc.)

How will I know my higher level giving is being spent as I’ve asked?

To match your generous commitment in supporting Cranbrook Together, the school undertakes to show you exactly what your support is helping to achieve. We will be asking students and staff to feedback to you direct on how your generosity has enhanced their Cranbrook experience, enabling you to share in their achievements.

What happens if I don’t give to the fund?

Without your financial help and that of all Cranbrook School parents, we will not have the money to repair the fabric of the school and replace equipment as it fails. We believe that Cranbrook School is worth maintaining and that your child deserves a school environment they can feel proud of and that engenders a feeling of self respect.

Cranbrook School is wholly committed to delivering the quality of education you and your child have come to expect, but without additional funding, this will be at the expense of the teaching environment and up to date equipment such as whiteboards and computers that most parents might expect should support their child’s learning as standard.

How do I give?

To support your child’s education through Cranbrook Together, please complete the regular giving form located in the download section to the right. We ask that payments are made by monthly standing order or direct debit if possible.  The Bursar’s office will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.