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Hams Buses

Please be warned that if you do not have a valid pass you will not be allowed to travel, even if you have an exam on that day.

For students who do not currently have a travel pass you can order one through KCC –  – telephone number 03000 41 21 21.

Note from the Headmaster – Sept 2017:

Dear parent,

I am writing further to the statement about the situation regarding transport locally to Cranbrook School.  We are concerned that KCC’s policy on this is being applied inconsistently and illogically.  This has resulted in a great deal of upset and confusion on the part of local parents who very much want their children to come to Cranbrook either at Year 7 or Year 9. Our strong wish is for transport arrangements to be fair and transparent.  This does not appear to be the case at the moment.

What are we doing about this?  We are supporting Councillor Holden in his efforts to get KCC to review and reform their policy so that it is fair to all local children.  I and the Chair of Governors are also communicating with the Education Chair at KCC, Roger Gough, and Council Leader, Paul Carter, to  apply as much pressure as possible on those who are in the best position to bring about change.

I am aware that this issue does not directly affect everyone in our community, but I am sure you will want to support those of our parents who feel aggrieved with good reason.  We have also noticed an upsurge in traffic into Cranbrook – a direct result of families resorting to cars when buses are either too expensive or non-existent.

You are all welcome to express your concern about the application of KCC’s transport policy as it stands – whether you are affected to not. Our advice is to write to your local MP and the Leader of KCC when you do so. Our voice is stronger if we all stand together!

Dr. Weeds, Headmaster