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Admission Policies

Year 7 (11+) Admissions

There are 30 places available for successful candidates for 2017 and entry will be by means of the Kent Test (11+).  Please will prospective parents note the schedule of increased intakes beyond 2017 is as set out in the staggered entry proposal available for download on this page.

For more details on applying for Year 7 please refer to the Kent County council website –

Year 9 (13+) Admissions

There are 110 day places and 52 boarding places (34 boys’ and 18 girls’ places) available for students joining the school in Year 9. All applications, day and boarding, must be registered using the Kent County Council application forms by 31st October prior to the September of required entry

In-year applications – It is very unusual for the school to have any day or boarding places available for students applying outside of the normal round of admission into Year 9. Students who wish to make an ‘in-year’ application for a day or boarding place should contact the Registrar at Cranbrook School.

Sixth Form Admissions

Nearly 90% of our Year 12 entry is drawn from the school’s GCSE student roll.  Each year, however, we accept a small number of students from other schools.  Candidates (both day and boarding) must achieve a minimum of 40 points at GCSE, or the equivalent for candidates overseas, where:

  • A* = 8.5 points, A = 7 points, B = 5.5 points, C = 4 points, D = 3 points (as per the Department for Education gradings).
  • Points for the new Maths and English GCSEs will be on a 1-9 point scale corresponding with the new 1 to 9 grades; e.g. a grade 9 will get 9 points in the performance measures.
  • At least an A grade / Level 7 at GCSE in the following subjects in order to study that subject at A Level: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, French and Spanish.
  • At least an A grade / Level 8 at GCSE Maths to study Further Maths at A-level.
  • At least a C grade / Level 5 in English and Maths at GCSE

(Please note that this is a minimum requirement and that the majority of external candidates are predicted to attain significantly superior GCSE qualifications.)

Please be advised that we usually have very few boarding spaces for Year 12 entry and that this will vary year on year.  Only those students who have the highest predicted grades will be invited for interview when the registration period has closed and when we are confident of the number of spaces we can offer.  For entry in September 2016, we only had 6 girls’ boarding places and 8 boys’ boarding places available for external applicants.  For day students we normally have an additional 20 spaces available for external students wishing to join Cranbrook.

Please refer to our Day and Boarding Admission Policies in the download section for more details.